Core Curriculum

// Drawing I, II // Painting I, II // Mixed Media // Advanced Drawing & Painting // Advanced Portfolio // Senior Focus // Photography // Digital Arts // Sculpture

The On-Site Audition Includes:

Upon receipt of the application and approval to audition, the student will receive a link to an online portal login to submit their audition components. Within the portal, applicants can directly upload their images. For Visual Art, applicants will submit two components.

Component 1 – Portfolio Submission: The applicant will photograph/scan and submit a portfolio of original artworks no larger than 18 in. x 24 in. consisting of six works, including a still life, and a portrait. Remaining pieces should be of the student’s best work. All are to be drawn from direct observation and represent a range of media. No anime/cartoon drawings will be accepted. Applicants may submit up to 4 photo prints as a single Photography portfolio item.

Component 2 – Still Life Drawing Task: This task will assess your ability to draw from life. You will use your artistic skills and abilities combined with your knowledge of composition as you create a drawing from the still-life arrangement.

Your score for this task will be based on two criteria:

  1. Organization of the work of art
  2. Technical skill in the execution of the work of art

Instructions for the still life:

  • Still life must include at least three household items from this list: cups, mugs, glasses, bottles, shoe, teapot/tea set, coffee pot, plant, perfume/cologne bottles, lightbulbs.
  • Light the still life with a lamp or light from a window. Controlling the shadows will help the contrast in the drawing. (Please see linked video for more examples)
  • Move around the still life in order to select an area that you feel would be interesting to draw and provide you with a strong composition.
  • Pick a specific area of the still life to draw. Draw everything in that area. Do not randomly select objects from different parts of the still life.

Please use only the following materials:

  • Graphite pencils
  • Erasers
  • Q-tips, cotton balls, tissues, or tortillons/stumps for blending
  • Unlined paper

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News & Events

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Kelly Varner, a Mississippi native, holds an MFA in Two-Dimensional design from Mississippi College and a BFA in Art Education and Music from the University of Southern Mississippi. She was an adjunct professor at Mississippi College and Hinds Community College, Art Instructor for summer programs at the Mississippi Museum of Art, and an Art Teacher for Rankin County School District.

Maurice Calvert is a native of Colorado Springs, CO. He holds a MA in Teaching and a BFA in Graphic Design from Jackson State University. He has worked as a Visual Art Teacher with Jackson Public Schools for eight years. Calvert was the Director of the Christian Athletes Program and he is an active member of the Art Club at Jackson State University.