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Core Curriculum

// Intro to Media Arts // Media Arts I, II, III, IV // Video and Audio Technical Production // Advanced Film and Television Production // Senior Focus

The Virtual Audition Includes:

Upon receipt of the application and approval to audition, the applicant will receive a link to an online portal login to submit their audition components. Within the portal, applicants can directly upload their videos.

  • The applicant will submit one (1) 60 second film depicting a scene or story in a non-documentary style. Subject matter is the student’s choice.
  • The film must be accompanied by a one-page typed essay (12 point font, Times New Roman) describing:
    1) The process of making the film;
    2) Why the topic was chosen, and;
    3) A description of what will be seen in the film. All films must be made by the student applying.
  • View Quick Guide: “How to Make a Short Film/Scene

To be completed on or before audition day:

  • Director’s Notes assignment completed online through our Moodle platform within a 2-hour time limit. Instructions will be provided at the time of audition.

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News & Events

Media Arts Winter Film Festival 2021
Mar 2, 2021 6:00pm, Enochs Black Box (MSA)

McLain Boyd to Attend FutureDocs Abroad in Hue, Vietnam

McLain Boyd to Attend FutureDocs Abroad in Hue, Vietnam

McLain Boyd, a senior in the Media Arts program at the Mississippi School of the Arts, will attend a summer honors program in Hue, Vietnam from July 2 – July 18, 2021.Read More…
The Hart Boys Make Virtual Graduation Possible for Class of 2020

The Hart Boys Make Virtual Graduation Possible for Class of 2020

From May 8-19 for hours on end, brothers Thomas Hart and Clinton Hart sat listening to individual recognition ceremonies for 46 seniors who were able to attend. Seniors were invited to bringRead More…


John Kelly Shelburne, a native Mississippian, holds a BA in film and minor in History from University of Southern Mississippi, as well as an MA in Cinema Studies and a MFA in Film and Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Shelburne has given presentations in basic cinematography, transitions of editing, and Walter Murch’s “Rule of Six.” He has served as script supervisor, unit production manager, editor, writer and producer of short films. Shelburne was a host of the SCAD Cinema Circle, a moderator for the Savannah Film Festival and moderator at Film Haven Film Festival in Brookhaven, Mississippi.