MSA Directory Listing

Welcome to the departmental directory for Mississippi School of the Arts. This information has been posted for general inquiries. To contact a directory member, please call the phone number listed under each department.

Campus Security

Phone: 601-823-1350

Central Office Phone/Fax
Phone: 601-823-1300
Fax: 601-823-1555

P.O. Box Mailing Address
Mississippi School of the Arts
P.O. Box 229
Brookhaven, MS 39602-0229

Physical Street Address
Mississippi School of the Arts
308 West Cherokee St
Brookhaven, MS 39601

Student Life Center
Mississippi School of the Arts
355 West Monticello St.
Brookhaven, MS 39601
Phone: 601-823-1356

Administrative Support

Phone: 601-823-1300
Fax: 601-823-1555
Dr. Suzanne Hirsch – Executive Director
Debra Henderson – Principal
Harlie Blauw – Counselor
Arreika Thomas – Registrar
Nicholas Bridge – School Finance Officer
Vaneesa Harris – Receptionist/Secretary
Tommie Hart – Administrative Secretary

Admission & Development

Phone: 601-823-1306
Fax: 601-823-1555
Jennifer Jackson – Advancement
Brianna Moore – Recruiter

Arts & Academic Faculty

Dr. Robert Brooks – Theatre Arts
Maurice Calvert – Visual Arts
Kelly Varner – Visual Arts
Clinnesha Sibley – Literary Arts
Patton Rice – Vocal Music
Tammy Stanford – Dance Arts
John Shelburne – Media Arts
Carrie Garrett – Science
Angel Young – Science
Phyllis Wallace – Math
Tobie Lambert – English / Literature
Vickie Malone – Social Studies
Louann Porter – Library Media Specialist
Cindy Hunter – Collaborative Accompanist

Health Center

Phone: 601-823-1347
Denise Owen – School Nurse


Phone: 601-823-1353
Fax: 601-823-1555
Patrick Brown – Tech Coordinator

Food Service

Phone: 601-823-1338
Cindy King – Director
Cynthia Keys – Manager
Princess Keys – Food Preparer
Donna Norris – Food Preparer
Karen Smith – Food Preparer
Sharon Wilson – Food Preparer
Thelma Gayten – Food Preparer
Angela Scarbrough – Food Preparer

Facilities Maintenance

Phone: 601-823-1300
Sudie Palomarez – Director
Robin Beeson – Technician

Residence Life

Phone: 601-823-1356
Suzanne Noble – Director
Benny Knight – Supervisor
Savannah Holmes – Residence Assistant
Tamarceo Shaw – Residence Assistant
Cathy Nettles – Residence Assistant
Vicki Foster – Residence Assistant
Victoria Wilson – Residence Assistant
Emily Scott – Residence Assistant
Renee Smith – Residence Assistant
Misty Sias Wall – Residence Assistant
Donald Case – Residence Assistant
Derek Martin – Residence Assistant
Kellie Patti – Residence Assistant
Stacy Fells Jr. – Residence Assistant
Becky Bowman – Residence Life Nurse