Alumni Relations is all things alumni for both Mississippi School of the Arts and the historic Whitworth Colllege in Brookhaven, the campus where MSA resides. We support the mission of the Mississippi School of the Arts and MSA Alumni Association, geared at reconnecting with former students and establishing a positive presence in a growing statewide arts community.

As the alumni association grows each year, we invite members to come back to the campus and see the new things happening each year. The MSA family is exactly that, family. We’re here to help guide students to build the future for Mississippi and the world. Members of the MSA arts family include visual artists and architects, professionally contracted and independent song artists, small and big-screen actors, stage managers, professional dancers, and more.

We also invite you to support the MSA Alumni Association through monetary funds to help establish room/boarding scholarships for students to attend Mississippi School of the Arts, as well as provide funding for various association-sponsored projects and activities. Don’t forget to keep up with alumni happenings through the Phoenix Quarterly, a publication by the Mississippi School of the Arts Alumni Association.

In The News…


MSA Dance Alum Returns to Teach Classes

Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) alum, Cassidy Simmons, is returning to MSA next week to teach current MSA students in “Master Classes”, as part of MSA’s Guest Artist Program. MSA’s ExecutiveRead More…
By : MSA Newsroom | Aug 8, 2018

Dorian Davis ’16 Casts in Oscar-nominated Short Film “My Nephew Emmett”

Dorian Davis, an MSA class of 2016 theatre graduate, recently played a role in an Oscar-nominated, live action short film titled “My Nephew Emmett.” The film, directed by Kevin Wilson Jr, showsRead More…
By : MSA Newsroom | Mar 13, 2018

Dartmouth College Glee Club Performs in Lampton Auditorium

The prestigious, Dartmouth College Glee Club recently performed an open concert on November 28th in Lampton Auditorium. The Dartmouth Glee Club is an exciting and accomplished ensemble with a 138-year history ofRead More…
By : MSA Newsroom | Dec 4, 2017