Welcome to Rising Senior Enrollment

Current juniors will be required to complete Rising Senior Enrollment prior to leaving for the summer. It is a part of the check-out process. This will allow us to gather information in preparation for your potential invitation back for senior year.

The online enrollment system can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be located at a specific place. If you do not have a home computer, using a school computer is acceptable.

Senior Class Enrollment

  1. An authorized Snapcode is required for online enrollment. This is a multi-digit code that is used to access the system to begin rising senior enrollment. You will receive this in a packet in May. MSA will notify all students when this happens.
  2. Use your pre-existing InfoSnap account to login for student enrollment. We are referring to the account used to complete the junior enrollment application. Notifications will be sent to your registered email address for the duration of senior registration.
  3. Please complete online enrollment prior to dorm check-out. Before you go home for the summer, we require all juniors to complete online senior class enrollment as part of the check-out process.

Begin Online Enrollment

Enter Your Snapcode / Login To Account

Forgotten Account Password: Mississippi School of the Arts cannot provide assistance to forgotten account passwords, because we do not have access to that particular area. Please contact Infosnap support for help logging in.

The Status Letter (Rising Senior)

Juniors who complete their first year at Mississippi School of the Arts must be invited back for their senior year. This does not happen automatically. Multiple decisions are involved in the process, such as grades, attendance, and discipline.

Soon after the end of the school year, juniors will receive a status letter via postal mail. If you receive an official invitation back for senior year at Mississippi School of the Arts, you’ll be asked to send updated documents as soon as possible. You’ll also need to complete a refresher course for online student orientation.

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