Mississippi School of the Arts presents Virtual Audition!

Class of 2023 applicants will remotely audition for acceptance into the incoming junior class by using technology at home. Please review the guidelines below for each available discipline. Virtual Audition will require a computer or smartphone with adequate internet access for interaction with our web site and the Zoom web conferencing app. 

Applicants may choose to complete audition onsite. This is reserved for those unable to complete virtual audition at home or any other available remote location. Please contact Admissions for assistance with this decision.


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All audition material will be provided to the applicant through the virtual audition platform. The audition includes: Ballet Barre, Modern Dance Phrase, and a 1 minute Solo. Uploads required: total of 3 videos

Component 1 – Ballet Barre (3 minute maximum)

  • Plie, tendu, degage, rond de jambe, frappe, grand battement, and pirouette

Component 2 – Modern Dance Phrase (2 minute maximum)

  • torso movement, foot work, floor work, core, and upper body strength

Component 3 – Solo (1 minute maximum)

  • May be choreographed by the applicant or someone else
  • Highlight your individuality, confidence, and technical skill
  • Any dance form is allowed.

Ballet is a classical dance form. The audition will utilize formal and precise movement, graceful elongated lines, articulation of feet, and external rotation. A video link of the audition content will be provided and will include plie, tendu, degage, rond de jambe, frappe, grand battement, and pirouette.

Modern dance is a 20th. century contemporary concert form. A video link of the audition content will be provided and will demonstrate expressive use of torso, foot work, floor work, core strength, and upper body overall strength.
Solo material needs to reflect the dancer’s individuality, confidence, and technical skill.


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Component 1 – The applicant will submit a video of a performance of a musical selection not to exceed two minutes from one the following categories:

  • Sacred/Gospel
  • Classical
  • Patriotic
  • Musical Theatre

Applicants may perform a cappella or provide their own accompaniment.

Component 2 – The applicant will receive the name of a common song for the student to sing on video when they log in to Moodle.

Component 3 – The applicant will hear a pitch exercise on the computer. The student will record the exercise.

MEDIA (Filmmaking)

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Component 1

  • The applicant will submit one (1) 60 second film depicting a scene or story in a non-documentary style. Subject matter is the student’s choice.
  • The film must be accompanied by a one-page typed essay (12 point font, Times New Roman) describing:
    1) The process of making the film;
    2) Why the topic was chosen, and;
    3) A description of what will be seen in the film. All films must be made by the student applying.
  • View Quick Guide: “How to Make a Short Film/Scene

Component 2

  • Director’s Notes assignment completed online through our Moodle platform within a 2-hour time limit. Instructions will be provided at the time of audition.


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  • Applicants will submit video performances of two contrasting*, memorized dramatic or comedic monologues (words spoken by one person in a play) from a published play (each one minute maximum).
  • Submit two separate videos, with one monologue on each and no edits of video within each monologue.
  • Applicants should use no costumes. Minimal props may be used for the monologue, but only if they do not distract from the quality of the performance.

*Contrasting means one monologue should be dramatic and the other comic.

LITERARY (Writing)

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Component 1

The applicant will submit a portfolio of five (5) original works to be uploaded with the online application:

  • One (1) sonnet
  • Two (2) free verse poems – 14-24 lines per poem
  • One (1) flash fiction piece of no more than 500 words
  • One (1) short story no longer than five pages.

All works should be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced with the applicant’s first and last name and work type (sonnet, flash fiction, etc.) in the right-hand upper corner of all pages.

Component 2

  • The applicant will complete a type-written Literary Arts assignment within a certain time frame via the online portal provided by MSA. Instructions will be provided upon login.


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Component 1 – Portfolio Submission: The applicant will photograph/scan and submit a portfolio of original artworks no larger than 18 in. x 24 in. consisting of six works, including a still life, and a portrait. Remaining pieces should be of the student’s best work. All are to be drawn from direct observation and represent a range of media. No anime/cartoon drawings will be accepted. Applicants may submit up to 4 photo prints as a single Photography portfolio item.

Component 2 – Still Life Drawing Task: This task will assess your ability to draw from life. You will use your artistic skills and abilities combined with your knowledge of composition as you create a drawing from the still-life arrangement.

Your score for this task will be based on two criteria:

  1. Organization of the work of art
  2. Technical skill in the execution of the work of art

Instructions for the still life:

  • Still life must include at least three household items from this list: cups, mugs, glasses, bottles, shoe, teapot/tea set, coffee pot, plant, perfume/cologne bottles, lightbulbs.
  • Light the still life with a lamp or light from a window. Controlling the shadows will help the contrast in the drawing. 
  • Move around the still life in order to select an area that you feel would be interesting to draw and provide you with a strong composition.
  • Pick a specific area of the still life to draw. Draw everything in that area. Do not randomly select objects from different parts of the still life.

Please use only the following materials:

  • Graphite pencils
  • Erasers
  • Q-tips, cotton balls, tissues, or tortillons/stumps for blending
  • Unlined paper


  • Interviews will be conducted by Zoom for all applicants. Applicant should install the Zoom app to a computer with a web cam or smartphone and create/login with a Zoom account.
  • Applicant should watch for a schedule from Admissions containing the interview appointment time.
  • The interview will last approximately 15 minutes.
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