Students must receive an invitation to audition.

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Class of 2023 Virtual Auditions: Feb. 26-27, 2021

The Audition

We’re excited you have the opportunity to audition for a potential spot at our state’s only public residential high school for advanced instruction in fine arts!

On the day of your audition, you’ll need to have your portfolio ready in Moodle (if your arts discipline requires one) and check in, on time, through our virtual audition platform. An appointment schedule will be provided with your invitation letter. 

The audition includes two events for the day:

  1. Prospective students will be interviewed by MSA representatives.
  2. Prospective students will audition for their arts discipline. Applicants may audition for up to three disciplines as noted on the application. Depending on the discipline selected, some audition components may be completed prior to Audition Weekend. 

If you have questions about your schedule, please contact Admissions at 601-823-1300 as soon as possible. You may also email questions to

Applicants may choose to complete audition onsite. This is reserved for those unable to complete virtual audition at home or any other available remote location. Please contact Admissions for assistance with this decision.

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The Status Letter

After a few weeks past audition, you will be notified of your audition status by postal mail. If you receive accepted status, your acceptance letter will include a time-sensitive intent form that must be returned if you are planning to attend Mississippi School of the Arts.

If you are accepted into more than one arts discipline, you have the option to choose one among the accepted art disciplines shown in your status letter. Although you are allowed to choose only one discipline, you may take courses in other disciplines if your class schedule allows. For instance, a Literary Arts major interested in screenwriting may take Media courses for film and cinema studies.

New Student Enrollment

After receiving your intent form, the Admissions Office will send a New Student Information packet by postal mail. You’ll need to register as a new student using our online system prior to New Student Day. We’ll then begin preparing for your transfer to Mississippi School of the Arts.

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