Class of 2025 Summer Audition Application

Application for the Class of 2025 coming this fall!

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Mississippi School of the Arts is a public residential high school, operated by the Mississippi State Board of Education/Mississippi Department of Education and funded by Mississippi legislature. MSA is located on a former, historic college campus, where most buildings are listed on the national register of historic places. MSA focuses on the advanced study of fine arts, aligned with a college preparatory curriculum. Students apply to audition during their sophomore year and, if accepted, attend their junior and senior years at MSA.

Criteria for Admission to Mississippi School of the Arts

  • Be a resident anywhere in Mississippi.
  • Be a current tenth (10th) grader with a minimum of 12 Carnegie units of study upon the completion of the tenth grade year. Click Here for more information about required courses.
  • Demonstrate artistic achievement in the visual, performing, or literary arts
  • Submit a completed online application with supporting documents
  • Complete an interview (by invitation only)
  • Audition and/or present a portfolio for review (by invitation only)
  • Have an overall high school grade point average of 2.5 (Schools must include all visual and performing arts course grades in calculating overall GPA)
  • After auditions and accepted for admission, student must provide results from the ACT (no minimum score required) to complete the enrollment process.

See MSA Admissions Criteria (Required Courses)

Costs to Attend Mississippi School of the Arts

Students pay no tuition to attend MSA. However, there is a Room & Board fee of $500.00 per semester ($1,000.00 per year) to assist with the expenses of housing a student. Legislative appropriations support most of the costs for attendance at MSA. Parents will also be responsible for expenses such as incidental fees, laundry, spending money and for individual expenses. Fees vary according to arts disciplines. A fee schedule is provided in the student handbook. Students may apply for a hardship waiver to assist with these fees upon acceptance to attend Mississippi School of the Arts.

Interview and Audition Application Process

  1. Get access to a personal desktop/laptop computer (preferred). If you do not have personal access, check with your local school district, public library, family member or friend’s house.
  2. Create an online application account. You will need an e-mail address for this process. If you do not have an e-mail account, you may use free services such as Yahoo Mail, G-Mail, Microsoft Live, etc.
  3. Follow all prompts and answer questions as required in the online application.
  4. Recommendation forms will be populated for each discipline that is selected for audition. Students are permitted to audition for up to three arts disciplines.
  5. All materials listed on the checklist (transcripts, residency, recommendations, etc.) at the conclusion of the online submission must be mailed to the school address provided. Click Here to download additional copies of supplement forms as seen in the online application.
  6. Prepare a self-descriptive essay to be mailed along with your required documents. Click Here to view more information about the essay.
  7. If selected, you will receive an invitation for interview and audition. Prepare to attend Audition Weekend by having your portfolio ready. For a list if things to prepare for, please view our programs of study
  8. After audition, scores will be tallied based on a rubric scale. After a few weeks, you’ll receive an official status notification via mail. Good luck to all of the applicants!

Begin Online Application to Audition

The online application for the Class of 2025 coming this fall. If you’re currently a Mississippi 10th grader or lower and interested in receiving more information about MSA, please fill out the online referral form.

Mail Documents to Admissions Office

Please gather and mail the following documents to the Admissions Office for processing after the submission of your online application. These forms will be included in your audition application file.

  • Self-Descriptive Essay (see essay prompts)
  • Arts Recommendation Letter (one for each area the student is auditioning in) (download)
  • Non-Arts Teacher Recommendation Letter (download)
  • Principal or Counselor Recommendation Letter (download)
  • 8th grade transcript (may be unofficial)
  • 9th grade transcript (may be unofficial)
  • 10th grade transcript showing first two nine-weeks (may be unofficial)
  • Completed Declaration of Residency (download)
  • Completed Information Release form (download)
  • Two (2) proofs of residency (mortgage/lease, utility bill, driver’s license, etc)
  • Copy of photo ID (state ID, drivers license, or yearbook photo)

Once you submit your application and mail required documents, the Admissions Office will begin verifying your information. If you meet the requirements for audition, you’ll receive an invitation letter to audition for your chosen art disciplines at Mississippi School of the Arts.

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