Over the past summer, MSA students were a part of camps, residencies, and producing artwork in many different forms. Kevin Pettigrew, a senior visual artist, was busy at Magee General Hospital painting a wall mural in the hospital’s pediatric department, and according to Pettigrew, he had not done anything of that size. Magee General is located in Magee, Mississippi.

“When I found out I was accepted as their artist for this mural, I got this sense of responsibility and honor. Even though I was not paid to do this mural, I was given a fairly large opportunity. Several artists submitted thumbnails as an audition to do this mural, as did I, and my thumbnail was the one accepted. A 17-year old highschooler? I felt like I was official,” said Pettigrew.

The hospital has not been the only project offered. Pettigrew said a store in Mendenhall, Mississippi has asked him to enlarge a mural to be visible on Main Street.

We asked Kevin whether or not the project at Magee General came out as he envisioned. “Art can always be improved. If you get a turtle a bigger tank, it will grow to fit the tank. Just like had I had the funds to stay longer, more detail and articulation would of been made. However, in the time frame I did it, I gave it my full ability and I’m satisfied with its’ current state in relation to my mental rendering,” he said.

After graduating from the Mississippi School of the Arts in May 2019, Kevin plans to attend the University of Mobile, Alabama School of the Arts, majoring in studio art, minoring in music theory. Then, acquiring a steady job to help build a gallery in Mobile with his father, where he’ll make, show, and sell artwork as a career.

Visit Kevin Pettigrew’s portfolio web site at https://ktpettigrew.wixsite.com/kevinpettigrewart

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