senior-seminar-moodleMississippi School of the Arts technology department has launched a new tool this year to aid in senior seminar class. Moodle, an open source learning management system, is being used to conduct hybrid classes, as well as reporting scholarship activities. As of November 11th, over 15 scholarships have been reported using the new tool, allowing the guidance counselor to quickly tally scholarship amounts per student and for the entire class. As for the seminar class, Kenya Horn (MSA’s guidance counselor) has used Moodle to upload class help guides and assignments. “It has been very useful”, said Horn. “Students are logging in after hours and getting access to their uploaded assignments for reference.”

Moodle is used campus wide for many different purposes, from hybrid courses to document portals. MSA’s technology department is committed to providing powerful resources to assist teachers and students in the learning process. Moodle is one example of a resource provided, creating a collegiate-style environment.


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