Theatre Showcase

Dr. Robert Brooks, Instructor

Hey Senior Theatres!

Who would’ve thought that there would be so many ways to upload or share videos, but doing it would still be so difficult? Yet you all made it through and I’m so proud! Now take these new video skills to college next year, where the only thing your fellow freshmen will know will be how to make a Tik Tok!

Break all y’all’s legs!

–Dr. Brooks

Senior Spotlight

Senior Monologues and Scenes


Kyshawnna Bousley

Rkedra Cummings

Chance Dabbs

Ja’Dorra Bailey

Alexandria Stoll

Kaitlyn Clayton

Carla Smith

Lane Craft

Junior Monologues and Scenes

David Echols

Zayne Vance

Ariana Sanders

Monterra Morgan

De’Cayla Day

Katie Miles

Kymbrianna Griggs

Abigail Troth

Sierra Wessman

“Much Ado About Nothing”

Play Monologues

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