Dance Showcase

Tammy Stanford, Instructor

Congratulations to MSA’s 10th. Repertory Dance Company! You did it!

It’s difficult to begin this letter. Sitting in the emptiness of the studio, emotions and tears surface as memories of these two years resound loudly in the silence. Your brilliant growth into young artists has revealed your specific and individual gifts. Watching your talents unfold has been a humbling privilege. During difficult times we often hear, “One day you’ll look back on this and realize how strong it shaped you…etc.” However, it’s equally important to honor and reflect briefly on the losses before once again resolving to “begin again” as Merce Cunningham was known to say.

When Murray Louis described why dancers dance, he reflected saying, “We lived in those studios. Our life and our work were one and the same thing. The floors were rubbed smooth with the oil of dancers’ bodies. And at night if you listened closely the anguish of creating sounded suspiciously like sobbing.” He goes on to say “What kept ‘those people’ alive was a list of virtues….dedication, integrity, belief, moral strength, aesthetic judgment, beauty, conviction, and others…” MSA’s 10th. Repertory Dance Company exudes these same virtues. Your work at MSA will always pay off and propel you forward. Also, just as Louis concluded his essay about dancing “from the inside”, you too can always know, regardless of the struggles from the “outside”, that “The studio is still there. It is the source from which it all began…I go back to my studio where I understand, from the inside.”

Part of the beautiful strength of being a dancer means that we work through life’s challenges and somehow “leave it all on the floor”. I encourage you to continue to dance always and in all ways, whether that studio floor is your living room or backyard. Every little thing will work out just fine. Dance is celebration of all that is meaningful. Dance it out from within and “begin again”.

Love, Honor, and Gratitude,

Ms. Tams

Senior Spotlight


Senior Solo Projects

Lundy Adams

Aneth Alvarez

ZyKiryah Autry

Ny’Lah Jenkins

Natalie Rosamond

Fall Dance Concert 2019 Highlights

PinPoint – by ZyKiryah Autry

Bloom – by Lundy Adams

Reflectometer – by Ny’Lah Jenkins

“In-tune-ative” by Aaliyah Hudson
Collaboration of Belhaven University & MS School of the Arts

Senior dancers Zy Autry, Ny’Lah Jenkins, and Natalie Rosamond performed for 2016 MSA dance alum, Aaliyah Hudson, for her Senior Dance Concert in February 2020 at Belhaven University. The dance work is titled, “In-tune-ative”. Music for the piece is Signal Loss by Pariah Rift and Pariah Demdike Stare-Patchwork. The work was also to be performed at MSA’s Spring Dance Concert 2020.

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