About Moodle

moodle-logoMoodle is an open-source software solution, giving users the power to create and distribute educational course content, allowing a fully online classroom or hybrid learning environment.

Instructors, staff, and students can access MSA Moodle using MSANET account credentials. Guests of MSA Moodle should login using provided account information by MSA when applicable. Moodle is accessible on any internet-enabled computer, making the learning management system a key component for organization and distribution of resources at Mississippi School of the Arts.


New Course Enrollment

To enroll into Moodle course sites, students should request a one-time enrollment key from their instructor. Afterwards, return to this page, click the appropriate button below and select the course for enrollment. You’ll then need to enter the key provided by your instructor. For assistance, see your instructor.

Art Courses Directory Academic Courses Directory

To enroll on your smartphone or other mobile device, see the following. This can also be done on a standard computer.

  1. Go to https://moodle.msabrookhaven.org
  2. Login with your MSANET username and password.
  3. Click Site Home in the Navigation.
  4. At the bottom of My Courses list, click All Courses.
  5. Use the search box to find your course or select a category.
  6. Once the course is found, click and enter the enrollment key.

Download the Moodle app for Apple and Android devices.


  1. Download and install the app to your device.
  2. Enter moodle.msabrookhaven.org as the site address.
  3. Enter your MSA network username and password.
  4. View your course dashboard. Search for additional courses using the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the app.

Note: The Moodle app is not required for mobile device access. The site is already tailored for mobile use and can be used for remote learning. Use the app for offline course content and friendly use.