Asset Accountability

The Technology Department is tasked handling fixed asset property management for Mississippi School of the Arts, a bureau of the Mississippi Department of Education. Each year, field auditors with the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor conducts a mandatory 100% check of all asset items, verifying accountability of such items.

Mississippi School of the Arts adheres to the policies and procedures set forth by the Mississippi Department of Education and Office of the State Auditor. It is important that staff members assigned to fixed asset property follow all procedures and make sure items are accounted for.

Employees may not:

  • Take assigned items off campus without permission.
  • Move assigned items around campus without reporting.
  • Loan items to students without approved procedures in place.
  • Dispose of items on state inventory. This may also include items not on inventory purchased with public funds.
  • Use state property for personal enrichment or financial gain.

Employees must:

  • Account for all assigned items at all times.
  • Report lost or stolen items immediately at time of discovery.
  • Contact Technology for permission before salvaging any inventory.
  • Report new equipment gifted/donated to the school.
  • Report new equipment purchased using EEF funds.
  • Understand the assigned employee is financially responsible for all items in his/her care.
  • Complete required documentation for lost/stolen and transferred items.


All necessary documents for reporting lost or stolen inventory can be found in the Employee Files Portal in Moodle.

MDE Fixed Asset Forms