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Video Conferencing Technology Eliminates Distance at MSA

The experiences of a Vietnam veteran came to life at Mississippi School of the Arts via online video conferencing. Students in Mrs. Vickie Malone’s fall semester US History class had the opportunityRead More…
By : Newsroom Staff | Nov 22, 2019

Visual Art Students Become Storytellers in Audio Tour Project

Photo // Lucie Cooper, a senior visual student from Jackson, MS, demonstrates an audio tour of art by senior Elizabeth Wynne, a visual student from Pickens, on display at Mississippi School ofRead More…
By : Newsroom Staff | Oct 22, 2018

MSA Launches New Audio Podcast Production Program

The Technology Department at Mississippi School of the Arts has launched a new podcasting service on the world wide web. Podcasting involves the use of audio and/or video to produce multimedia content.Read More…
By : Newsroom Staff | Oct 17, 2018