MSANET User Account / Resource Access

Students and staff are granted specific access to computer network resources. Upon enrollment or employment at Mississippi School of the Arts, the Technology Department will assign a unique username and password to each individual. This account is used to access many different resources on the local network, as well as online. It is imperative that staff and students keep their login credentials secure.

At the beginning of the academic school year, students must attend a Technology Orientation. At that meeting, users receive brief instructions and regulations about the use of technology resources and set up the MSANET account for the first time.

Users are prohibited from sharing account credentials at any time, except when required by the Technology Coordinator as noted in section 5.2 of the Mississippi State Employee Handbook. If you suspect your account password has been breached, change your password as soon as possible.

Change Your MSANET Password

Mississippi School of the Arts will never request your username and password via email. If you receive an email asking you to send a username and password, do not reply. Instead, please report the incident to the Technology Department for further investigation.