Submit Your Portfolio Online

If you received an invitation letter for audition, you may begin uploading your portfolio here. Along with the letter, you should receive instructions on how to login to our Moodle portal and upload your portfolio content. The type of portfolio we need is dependent upon what arts discipline(s) you decide to audition for. Additionally, some disciplines may not necessarily require an assignment during Audition Weekend. This is noted in virtual audition requirements.

Login to Moodle

Using the personalized Moodle username and password included with your audition invitation letter, login to our Moodle portal and upload your portfolio for each arts discipline by the due date. 

When you login to the portal, you’ll see links for up to 3 color-coded disciplines you chose to audition. Select a color-coded discipline to view more information about the portfolio submission and to complete your audition.

Enter your username and password exactly as shown on the instructions sheet.

Login Here And Upload Your Portfolio

Forgotten Account Password: Common mistakes include using an upper case or lower case letter where not instructed, or entering a space in the username or password. Contact the Admissions Office for help accessing the Moodle portal. The forgotten password feature on the portal login page is not available for applicants.

We’ve designed the audition platform to help you keep track of your submissions! In each arts discipline portal, you’ll see an Upcoming Events column, as well as a Completion Progress monitoring box. We’ll also be able to see your current status.

After you have submitted your portfolio, the next phase is Audition Weekend!

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