MaryRhea Waterloo, a visual arts senior at the Mississippi School of the Arts, was chosen as one of 54 art illustrators from around the world to help bring the visual elements to life in a video storybook adaptation of Romeo and Juliet at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Romeo and Juliet centers adolescents and young adults in a world transformed by both plague and civil strife. In lieu of traditional live theatre production, students at Albright College Theatre have been working to create a video storybook adaptation- a Romeo and Juliet as seen through the diverse perspectives of the greater community, narrated by Albright student actors.

Interested artists signed up online by answering a brief survey and uploading a sample of their 2D artwork in any medium. The goal of the signup survey was to match artist styles to content. For example, if an artist loves whimsical watercolor, that might be suitable for parts of the balcony scene. If a student leans towards an action-coming style, that might work wonderfully for any of the fight scenes. 

The 4-part series will premiere April 15th through 18th, nightly, at 7:00pm Central Time.

For more information, visit Romeo and Juliet at Albright College.


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