Juniors and seniors in the Visual Arts department received accolades in the Scholastic Art Regional Competition. Juried pieces receiving Gold and Silver are on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art throughout March 2020. The competition represents some of the best student artwork in Mississippi, consisting of several categories from painting to digital art and photography. In total, Mississippi School of the Arts captured 12 Gold Keys, 19 Silver Keys, and 37 Honorable Mention awards.

Randall Bounds (senior) received two Honorable Mention awards in Painting and a Silver Key in Photography.

Abrielle Carnathan (junior) received a Gold Key in Drawing and Illustration.

Kathryn Chapin (senior) received 8 Honorable Mention awards in Art Portfolio, Photography, Painting, and Digital Art; 3 Gold Keys in Digital Art; 9 Silver Keys in Digital Art, Painting, Drawing & Illustration.

Emma Chisolm (senior) received an Honorable Mention in Drawing & Illulstration and 3 in Painting. 

Isabella Gandy (junior) received 2 Silver Keys and 1 Honorable Mention in Digital Art.

Alexis Jarrell (senior) received a Gold Key in Drawing & Illustration, Silver Key in Digital Art, 4 Honorable Mentions in the Painting category, Honorable Mention in Art Portfolio, and Honorable Mention in Drawing & Illustration.

Emily Leggett (junior) received 2 Honorable Mentions, both in Painting and Sculpture.

Reese Marshall (junior) received Honorable Mention in Painting.

LaNyla McGregory (senior Media Arts student) received 2 Gold Key awards in Photography.

Ashlyn Moore (senior) received 3 Honorable Mention Awards, 2 in Digital Art and 1 in Photography.

Kathy Nguyen (senior) received a Gold Key in Drawing & Illustration and 2 Honorable Mentions, both in Drawing & Illustration and Printmaking.

Skylar Noblin-Laminack (senior) received 2 Silver Keys, both in Sculpture and Painting; 5 Honorable Mention awards in Drawing & Illustration, Ceramics & Glass, and Photography.

Kimberly Raines (senior) received 2 Honorable Mention awards in Drawing & Illustration and Painting.

Jonathan Sauls (senior) received 3 Gold Keys in Digital Art, 2 Silver Keys in Digital Art and Drawing & Illustration, 1 Honorable Mention in Drawing & Illustration and 1 Honorable Mention in Art Portfolio.

Donald Spraggins (junior) received 3 Honorable Mentions in Ceramics & Glass and Mixed Media.

MaryRhea Waterloo (junior) received a Gold Key in Mixed Media.

Gold Key and Silver Key works will remain on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art through March 22nd, 2020. The awards ceremony for American Vision, Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention recipients will be held March 22nd at the Museum.

The Visual Arts program is a part of the suite of fine arts disciplines at Mississippi School of the Arts. Students who wish to be a part of the program must reside in Mississippi and audition during their sophomore year in high school. Students at MSA come from every corner of our state, from Southaven in the north to Biloxi in the south.

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