Students who received the highest GPA are pictured standing (R-L) Celeste Garrett, Jackson Palmer, Jonathan Lancaster, Zoe Holley, Margaret Boyd, and Lydia Taylor.

This year, Mississippi School of the Arts celebrates 15 years of success. Just as the tradition started 15 years ago, Candlelight Dinner is the one time where students, staff, and faculty assemble for a fine dining experience in ThePhoenix. At the formal event, seniors with the highest GPA in each discipline are recognized and asked to light the candles of their schoolmates.

Those recognized were Jonathan Lancaster in Media Arts, Margaret Boyd in Vocal Music, Jackson Palmer in Literary Arts, Celeste Garrett in Dance, Lydia Taylor in Visual Arts, and Zoe Holley in Theatre Arts.

Special guests included Wendy Clemons (Director of K-12 Education) and Dr. Nathan Oakley (Director of Special Schools) from the Mississippi Department of Education.

After the dinner, a march to the campus bell tower ended with the singing of the MSA Alma Mater. Seniors with the highest GPA rang the bell to commence the beginning of the year. All seniors will ring the bell on awards day to signify the beginning of year-end commencement.


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