Mississippi School of the Arts accepted its first class of students in the fall of 2003. The inspiration of creating a magnificent place to study the arts came from the idea of former Mississippi First Lady, Pat Fordice. On the steps of Lampton Auditorium during a visit in Brookhaven, the governor’s wife said “This would be a great place for an art school.” With that in mind, Brookhaven took the idea and ran with it. In 1999, former state senator Jim Barnett, with other legislative assistance, wrote the bill which would be passed through the house, senate, and reaching the governor’s desk to be signed into law (view bill as was sent to governor’s desk).

This school year marks the fifteenth year of operation in Brookhaven, representing all 82 counties in Mississippi. 

For the year-long celebration, students assembled in front of the Student Life Center to release balloons. This took place on, you guessed it, the 15th of August. As we continue throughout the year, celebrate with us as we open the attic and bring out the first insignia, the first recruitment presentation, and much more. Year 15 will be a year to remember.

“Don’t be afraid to let this school change you…” – Telvin Thomas ’19 (Vocal Music)
“…for the better.” – Lauren Sumrall ’19 (Theatre)

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Now we rise, we fly, we shine.