Historic Enochs Hall during the operation of Whitworth College. The venue now hosts the art gallery and black box performance space for students at Mississippi School of the Arts.

A restoration project will soon be underway inside Enochs Hall, the art gallery and black box theater building on the campus of Mississippi School of the Arts. Originally as part of the historic Whitworth College campus, Enochs Hall was the women’s dormitory and dining hall. Long after the closing of the college, the building was left in a state of disrepair. With the assistance of state legislature, renovations to the Mississippi Landmark, between 2008-2012, were made near completion with a third floor space left for future restoration pending available funds. This space will soon become the Theatre lecture classroom,Media Arts lab, and multimedia control booth for the Black Box Gallery Theater. After which, the building renovation project will be complete.

The much-needed historic restoration project is being funded by the Mississippi School of the Arts Foundation, along with all proceeds from a fundraising event, “Taste of the Trust,” by the Brookhaven Trust organization. The Brookhaven Trust was responsible for the full restoration of Lampton Auditorium on the historic campus, prior to the state legislation of Mississippi School of the Arts in 1999. The entire Mississippi School of the Arts campus has been designated a Mississippi Landmark with buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. MSA has one of the oldest grouped historic landmarks in the state with the oldest building currently in existence, Johnson Institute, built in 1883.

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