Students in Anatomy & Physiology class listen as Edgar Meyer gives a presentation.

On Monday, August 14th, Anatomy & Physiology classes at Mississippi School of the Arts welcomed a special guest from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). Doctoral Candidate Edgar Meyer presented to students his work on Histology.

“Edgar was able to give a brief overview of how tissue samples are prepared and stained to make us aware that there is a lot of preparation that occurs before students can simply view a prepared slide. He also led the students in identifying characteristics of tissue types presented as images, helping students make the connection between structure and function.” according to Kathy McKone, contract science instructor responsible for contacting and scheduling the visit of Meyer.

In the general academics department, students learn the correlation between science and the fundamentals of creativity. A rich background in creative arts can change the perspective of any scientific experiment. Thanks to Edgar Meyer, doctoral candidate in the Department of Neurobiology & Anatomical Sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, for his presentation to our students.

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