On March 21st, student leaders from across the state (including Mississippi School of the Arts) ascended on The Muse Center in Pearl to attend the first Mississippi Leaders In Training (MLIT) Conference being hosted by the Mississippi High School Activities Association (MHSAA).

One hundred and thirty-three students attended breakout sessions presented by Elliott Hopkins and Mark Koski of the National Federal of High Schools (NFHS) along with Sarah Thomas, the first female official in the National Football League (NFL). Former MSU quarterback John Bond, para-olympic track gold medalist, Jerome Singleton, and BankPlus representative Gaye Broyles spoke to the students about persevering and following your dream to be the best you can be.

The main theme stressed throughout the day was, “to have a passion to be the best.”

Sarah Thomas, the first female official in the NFL, speaks to the group about her experiences.

Students concluded the day with a service project for the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital by boxing donated food items for family members who stay at the hospital with their love ones. These items were delivered on the same day to Blair Batson Hospital.

Don Hinton, Executive Director of the MHSAA said, “the day was filled with positive reinforcement of leadership qualities and traits that many of these students already exhibit. Through observation and casual discussion with several participants, it is a wonderful thing to know that our students are among the brightest and best in the country and are willing to accept the responsibilities and challenges that future leaders will face every single day. This gathering of highly-motivated students kicked-off the first step in establishing leadership opportunities for the benefit of all students for years to come.”

The main goal of Mississippi Leaders in Training (MLIT) and the annual conference, is for these future leaders to go back to their schools and communities with enthusiasm and excitement about leading in a positive manner to help better their communities and their state.

Ronni McBride (right) and Tyler Ferrell (left) assist in boxing goods for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.

Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) junior students in attendance included Ronni McBride (Vocal Music) and Tyler Ferrell (Visual Arts). Both students play soccer at inter-local Brookhaven High School.

Press release by Mississippi High School Activities Association

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