PHOTO: David and Jackie Martin with Victor Terry at his graduation from Jackson State University.

Victor Terry, a 2009 graduate of the Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) in Vocal Performance, has created the David and Jackie Martin Scholarship for students of color with hardship needs. Terry is also a 2012 graduate of Jackson State University in Speech Communication and Theater, and soon to be 2017 graduate of Providence College in Rhode Island, with his M.Ed in Urban Teaching. David Martin, who is now Principal at MSA’s partner school, Brookhaven High School and his wife, Jackie, were Victor’s host parents during his time at MSA: “Without them I don’t think I would have survived MSA. They took me into their family and provided me the love and support I needed at the time. I am eternally grateful for them.” David Martin added that they are very humbled to be honored in this way. “Victor is a great kid with a big heart and we are proud to know him and have him as a part of our family.”

The scholarship will assist students with expenses such as bedding, winter coats, and extracurricular activities while at the Mississippi School of the Arts. “MSA provided me with an excellent education that prepared me for my major in Speech Communication and Theater at Jackson State University, but more importantly MSA was where I witnessed that with God I can do it. I can fight the statistics,” says Victor. To contribute to the David and Jackie Martin Scholarship, contact Mississippi School of the Arts.

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