On August 25th, 2016, the United States National Park Service celebrated a centennial birthday, turning 100 years old. National Parks such as Denali, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mt. Rainier, Teton Mountains, and Great Smoky Mountains reminds us the purity of nature and our fragile environment. The National Park Service truly is “America’s Best Idea”. Mississippi School of the Arts performed the piece “Earth Song”, by Frank Ticheli, at the 2016 Spring Chorale Concert held in Mary Jane Lampton Auditorium. As a commemorative celebration of the National Park Service, we hope you enjoy this selection, featuring select scenes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

For more information about the vocal music program at Mississippi School of the Arts, please click here.

Open YouTube Link – Earth Song by Frank Ticheli

Photos of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park provided by Patrick Brown.

Members of the MSA Chorale on recording include: SOPRANO: Ariana Bridges (2017), Joey Davis (2016), Gabrielle Green (2017), Laci Hamilton (2017), Tyler Jones (2016), Micaela Kostmayer (2016), Heather Lee (2016), Nellie Massey (2016), Ambriehl McCoy (2017), Anna Scott McKinion (2017), Alayna Wooten (2017). ALTO: Jada Bell (2017), Madison Buhrer (2016), Lenora Campbell (2017), Alyssa Canon (2016), Annie Hawks (2017), Nadia McKinley (2017), Elise McMurry (2016), Johanna Russell (2016), Kaley Smith (2017), Leona Smith (2016), Olivia Vaughn (2016). TENOR: Christian Brumfield (2017), Dylan McKinion (2017), Austin Showers (2016). BASS: Evan Adams (2017), Vernell Allen (2016), Jay Terrell (2016).


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