The Mississippi School of the Arts Chorale recently performed their 2016 Spring Concert in Lampton Auditorium. During the event, they sung the school’s alma mater as they have done at most events in the past. This time, though, the performance was audio-recorded for archival purposes and to provide the first, official recording of the Alma Mater. We thank the members of the Chorale for their voices of excellence while recording in stereo sound. The finished product is available as audio on YouTube as well as a downloadable mp3 file.

Members of the MSA Chorale on recording include: SOPRANO: Ariana Bridges (2017), Joey Davis (2016), Gabrielle Green (2017), Laci Hamilton (2017), Tyler Jones (2016), Micaela Kostmayer (2016), Heather Lee (2016), Nellie Massey (2016), Ambriehl McCoy (2017), Anna Scott McKinion (2017), Alayna Wooten (2017). ALTO: Jada Bell (2017), Madison Buhrer (2016), Lenora Campbell (2017), Alyssa Canon (2016), Annie Hawks (2017), Nadia McKinley (2017), Elise McMurry (2016), Johanna Russell (2016), Kaley Smith (2017), Leona Smith (2016), Olivia Vaughn (2016). TENOR: Christian Brumfield (2017), Dylan McKinion (2017), Austin Showers (2016). BASS: Evan Adams (2017), Vernell Allen (2016), Jay Terrell (2016).

The MSA Alma Mater was written by Dr. Jeanne Lebow (Literary Arts Instructor) and musically composed by Patton Rice (Director of Music).

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