msa-brookhaven-sceneStarting at 8:00am, Saturday, December 5th, parents and potential students from all over the state gathered at the historic Whitworth College-turned Mississippi School of the Arts to seek out new opportunities to grow in the arts by taking tours, seeing performances, talking with instructors, and asking important questions. Mississippi School of the Arts welcomed prospects in visual, literary, and performing arts.

Arts Ambassadors (selected students based on interview criteria), were on hand for tours and questions.

This year’s Experience MSA Day (open house) was the largest ever and we’re proud to see the potential of MSA starting in the fall of 2016!

If you’re interested in applying for audition to MSA, click here for more information.

Photo: A rooftop sunset view of the historic district of Brookhaven, Mississippi as seen from the 8th floor of the Student Life Center.

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