The Mississippi School digital-media-artsof the Arts (MSA) will be adding Media Arts to its intensive programs of study beginning the 2016-2017 school year.  The new discipline will join the school’s prestigious programs in visual arts, vocal music, literary arts, theatre and dance.

Media Arts integrates traditional art forms and technology of today’s world with a specific skill set that utilizes creativity and technique. Students will learn cross-cultural collaboration, various media and competencies that allow for a range of genres. “We are looking forward to adding the sixth discipline of study at MSA, which will connect the rich legacy of our state in classic art forms with the future of film and audio production. The existing arts programs at MSA are collaborating to create a comprehensive program of study in Media Arts that will continue to bring the artistic voice alive on screen and beyond,” said Suzanne Hirsch, Executive Director.

The new Media Arts program will include studies in digital media technology, television broadcasting and production, audio broadcasting, filmmaking, simulation and animation design, screenwriting and directing for film and television.

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