Campus Identification

The Technology Department is responsible for printing and configuring identification badges for all students and staff members at Mississippi School of the Arts. Mississippi Department of Education policy requires all MDE-MSA employees to wear a state agency identification badge. MSA policy requires students to do the same. Not only is this for safety purposes, but badges are required for building access and campus services.

Assigned badge holders are responsible for all activity of the ID card, which includes building access. Users are prohibited from sharing ID cards at any time. If a badge is lost, please notify security immediately. Badges may be used for official school use only.

Lost or Damaged Badge Replacement

Staff and students who lose their badge must report the incident immediately to campus security. The fee schedule for replacement of a lost or damaged ID badge is $25.00 per incident. Students are not required to pay for a new badge at the time of replacement, but must be paid along with quarterly fees to parents.

Students and parents may opt out of receiving an invoice by paying immediately. Badge fee payment can be made at the Y-Hut or online. If paying online, please notify the Y-Hut for verification. The Technology Department does not collect fees. Click the button below to launch the online payment site.

Pay Badge Fee Online