msa-computer-logoWelcome to the Technology Department at Mississippi School of the Arts. The department has been established to ensure staff and student access to educational technology resources in academic and fine arts. Because MSA is a school district and bureau of the Mississippi Department of Education, we educate users about cyber security and other topics of interest through industry standard guidelines and policies administered by the Mississippi Department of Education.

MSA Information Technology is a self-supported department that handles day-to-day issues regarding network security, computer installation and maintenance, server systems, technology training, and the implementation of new learning tools through the deployment of web applications and desktop software.

Technology Highlights


Students Utilize Moodle for Senior Seminar Class

Mississippi School of the Arts technology department has launched a new tool this year to aid in senior seminar class. Moodle, an open source learning management system, is being used to conductRead More…
By : MSA Newsroom | Nov 12, 2016

Computer-based Standardized Test Administration Goes Well

Juniors at Mississippi School of the Arts recently took part in the state-wide U.S. History standardized test, all online. Nearly gone are the days of paper and pencil testing with bubble answerRead More…
By : MSA Newsroom | Dec 18, 2015