Core Curriculum

// Ballet I, II // Modern I, II // Improvisation I, II // Composition I, II // Senior Focus

The On-Site Audition Includes:

  • Short classes in ballet and modern dance (a 20th century contemporary art form of concert dance allowing for greater freedom in the torso, expressiveness, and movement experimentation, utilizing bare feet, parallel foot positions, and floor work). Teacher demonstrates all dance combinations.
  • Applicants should come with a prepared 60 second solo (no costumes). All music should be on a CD.
  • Applicants will also participate in an improvisational study (a spontaneous creating and performing of movement choices in response to a stimulus and/or impetus.)
  • Applicants must wear dance attire — leotards and tights (convertible to bare feet) (girls), and fitted t-shirt and pants (boys). No particular leotard color is required for the audition. No jewelry. Hair must be securely fastened to the head.
  • Ballet shoes are required.

News & Events

Junior, Senior Dance Informal Showcases
Apr 11, 2018 – May 9, 2018 , Dance Studio (MSA)


MSA Dance Represented at 2017 Mississippi Dance Festival

Students from the Department of Dance at Mississippi School of the Arts recently performed at the Mississippi Dance Festival at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Hattiesburg campus. The choreographic works of MSARead More…
By : MSA Newsroom | Sep 11, 2017


Tammy StanfordTammy Stanford teaches Dance and Movement for Theatre and voice at the Mississippi School of the Arts. Stanford holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from The University of Southern Mississippi. During her 20+ year professional teaching career, she has received numerous awards, recognition and sponsorship for her choreography and creative dance instruction including selections as an artist for the Mississippi Art Commission. She has recently co-authored a creative program for elementary educators.

“When our students go on to the university level, our goal is that they’re a year ahead of their peers, sometimes two.”